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ARARIPE is a law firm that practices in both judicial and administrative fields, with excellent reputation in the defense of intelectual property rights. Our objective is to provide our clients the necessary edge to stand out in the market.


As a first to file country, with a few exceptions, trademarks are protected in Brazil to the first that applies for its registration in respect to a specific list of goods. Trademarks can be applied for registration in a Word, Device, Word & Device or Tri-dimensional format.


An invention is protected in Brazil if it meets the requirements of novelty, inventiveness and Industrial applicability. The level of inventiveness required vary if claimed as Privilege of Invention or Utility Model, being the last defined as an object of practical use or part thereof.

Industrial Design

The registration of an Industrial Design in Brazil protects the external ornamental shape of an object or the set of lines and colors that may be applied to a product, providing a new and original visual result, being suitable for industrial production.

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ARARIPE is well recognized in the industry for its litigation results in both Federal circuit, where issues such as validity of trademark registrations and granted patent are discussed; as well in the State courts, responsible for trialing infringement and non-infringement actions.